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PSGIM campus is a beehive of activities. We strike a balance between academic rigor and fun. What defines us is our culture, a culture which deeply appreciates diversity, passion for excellence and team spirit. Much of what we do in the campus reflects our deeper understanding and appreciation of our culture that fosters camaraderie, team spirit, passion for excellence and diversity. Be it celebrating festivals, extra-curricular activities, students clubs, mentoring and entrepreneurial activities as well as networking events, we are committed to the core in strengthening our relationship with the student community by creating a vibrant campus life which they would not forget in their life time.


We are defined by students and alumni as a b-school that provides ample space to discover, explore, experiment, engage and ultimately celebrate life to the fullest. Come and experience the richness of our campus culture, join us in our celebrations and soak yourself in the richness of our diversity.

student clubs

Our students clubs are perfect platforms to unwind and pursue your interests beyond business. Are you a nature lover? Blogger? Photographer? Are you interested in quiz, music and dramatics? Whatever your interests are, you can always find ways at PSGIM to satiate your diverse social interests. 


The millennial world is filled with gadgets and technology that give them instant access to information anywhere, any time and in any form. As the opportunities to learn are limitless, unbound by time, form, and space, the challenge for faculty is humungous and multidimensional.

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Spacious and a green campus with a peaceful back drop.

Learning resource center- one of “the biggest” libraries in Coimbatore.

Research articles, journals and books from all spheres of Management accessible.

Amphitheater – a favorite hang around to students for recreation and cultural activities.

Computer lab – 24 hours computing facility with multimedia and video conferencing facilities.

Conventional & Alumni Hall – an ideal venue for seminars and conferences.

CAL Lab – for all simulation games and collaborative learning

Sales Lab- Here is where mock interviews, sales competition activities and pitches are done. 

Gymnasium – state of the art gym with latest equipment for the fitness freaks.

Hostel Accommodation- These are top class homes away from homes that knit our students into family. 

Trading lab – To master the art and science of trading in the stock market

Canteen- Food for thought isn’t just a belief but a habit here, where our tummies stay rejuvenated.