A Home Away from home.

PSGIM provides you a serene, safe, hygienic and comfortable accommodation to make you stay convenient and pleasant. Campus accommodation at the institute gives ample opportunity to build strong bonds with your friends, use campus resources effectively and unwind after a long day. 

The hostel buildings are within easy walking distance of the classrooms, academic areas and sports facilities.

Modernized hygienic kitchen with steam cooking in all mess

Availability of car during night for emergency conditions

Refreshment cafes and WiFi facilities

Televisions, indoor games and movie screening on all Saturdays for recreation.

Ozone based purified drinking water and Water doctors at disposal in mess

Around 32 magazines, 6000 Textbooks and 17 newspapers to enrich students

Solar water heaters for hot water supply

Dhobi points in all blocks

Saloon and beauty parlor for fashion lovers

Tailors in both Gents and Ladies hostel

Medical care facilities offered by PSG Hospitals 24X7.

Availability of ambulance on emergency

Uninterrupted 24 hours power supply : Generator with 380 KVA capacity in Main hostel and 63KVA capacity in hostel

Yoga, painting and other self improvement courses for relaxation

9 P&T lines, 7 hunting telephone lines and 80 extensions to enhance communication

Playground to sweat out and exercise

Gym for fitness freaks

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