Doctorial Research


PSGIM builds opportunities in practice-based research to deliver indigenous knowledge through cutting-edge research. The institute has produced more than 50 doctoral students who currently serve in various educational institutions and a multitude of industries. The focus areas of research include finance, human resource management, organizational behavior, marketing, operations, strategy management, supply chain management and knowledge management.

1 S. Hemamalini Dr. T. G. Vijaya A Study on work-family balance and its impact on organizational commitment among medical sales representatives of Tamilnadu 2015
2 R.Sujatha Dr. R. Krishnaveni Enhancing Human Capacity Through Diagnosing, Assessing And Building Knowledge Management Practices Among Pump Manufacturing Firms 2015
3 Kovaiselvan Dr. R. Nandagopal Competency Mapping 2015
4 Vanathi R Dr. R. Swamynathan Supply Chain Strategies and their impact on competitive advantage in textile industry. 2015
5 T. Senthilkumar Dr. V. Srividya A study on post reform Bank mergers in India: Implications on stock returns and efficiencies 2015
6 Santhosh Birur Dr. Krishnaveni Muthiah A Study on turnover intention of repatriated employees – Experience from the India Information Technology (IT) industry 2015
7 Sekar N Dr. Krishnaveni Muthiah HRD Climate and its relationship to role satisfaction – A study on manufacturing companies in krishnagiri district 2015
8 Sruthee Mayur Dr. R. Swaminathan Study of the impact of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Competencies and locus of Control on the Performance of aspiring manager 2015
9 Hari Sundar G.Ram Dr. D. Sudharani Influence Of Pester Power Consumer Behaviour Among Kids And Its Impact On Family Buying . A study with reference to packaged convenience food in Kerala 2014
10 Ajith K Thomas Dr. N. Vivek The Role of In house travel arrangers on purchase of star hotel rooms: A study with reference to Kochi, The commercial capital of Kerala 2014
11 H. Kalaiarasi Dr. V. Srividya An study on Online Banking channel acquisition by customers 2014
12 S. Sudhakar Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran Adoption of CRM initiatives among the Small and Medium Enterprises- An analysis of factors and its impact on Organizational Characteristics 2013
13 M. Ramakrishnan Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran Measuring Retail Service Quality Using RSQS and Validating RSQS in the Context of South Indian Retail Stores 2013
14 Pughazhenthi Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran A study on the Influence of Celebrity Endorsment oer the Perception and Purchase Intention of College Students 2013
15 Kalpana Jothimani Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran Students satisfaction, attitude and behavioural outcome in higher educational institutions(with specific reference to Management Programme) 2013
16 Reji Kumar Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran A Study on Linkage between Customer Expectation, Service Quality Perception, Customer Satisfaction and Related Behavioral Intentions in Banking Context 2013
17 D. Kavitha Dr. R. Nandagopal A Study on the Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Discretionary Disclosures of Indian Firms 2013
18 K.Sri Gayathridevi Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran A Study on Nonverbal Communication of Salespersons and their Service Behavior Towards Customers in a Sales Encounter 2013
19 K. Sureshkumar Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran A study on the performance of technology business incubators with reference to members of infodev network 2013
20 P. Mohanavel Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran A study on knowledge management practices and strategies for marketing excellence with focus on ERP systems 2012
21 Deepa Dr. R. Krishnaveni Assessing the Emotional Intelligence level and analyzing its impact on the well-being of IT/ITeS Professionals – with special reference to South India 2012
22 Vennila Dr. R. Nandagopal Performance of mutual fund schemes in India: Pre and Post Recession period study 2012
23 K. Arul Rajan Dr. R. Nandagopal A study on buying behavior of rural families with respect to the purchase of durable goods in Tamilnadu 2012
24 Natarajan Dr. R. Krishnaveni A study on the impact of spiritual intelligence on workplace characteristics 2012
25 Sumathi Annamalai Dr. R. Nandagopal A study on occupational stress among Indian ITES employees 2012
26 Meenakumari Dr. R. Krishnaveni A study on the usage of impact of e-administration in Higher Education Institutions 2012
27 C.Ramakrishnan Dr. R. Krishnaveni Finance: Developing a DSS system for working capital management for seed industry 2010
28 Akilandeshwari Dr. R. Nandagopal Marketing: Implications of Consumer Behavior on Marketing Strategy for Select products of FMCG Industry 2009
29 Kannadasan Dr. R. Nandagopal Finance: Capital Budgeting and Decision Making 2009
30 R. Swamynathan Dr. D. Sudharani Marketing: A study on Supply Chain Management Practices in the garments Industry with Special reference to Tirupur garment Cluster in Tamilnadu. 2009
31 C. S. Senthil Raja Dr. R. Krishnaveni HRD: “Research on the Knowledge Management Practices and ITS benefits in south Indian IT organization” 2009
32 Mrs. V. Latha Dr. R. Nandagopal HRD: A study on the determinants and outcome of work family conflict 2009
33 N. RamKumar Dr. R. Krishnaveni HRD: A study of and its impact on organizational commitment and performance in Auto industry of Tamilnadu 2008
34 B. Sriprabhaa Dr. R. Krishnaveni HR: A study on Improving the effectiveness of Human Resource Department Functions through Capacity Building with specific reference to Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industries in India. 2008
35 D. Nithyanandan Dr. R. Nandagopal General mgt : A Study on the necessities, Characteristics, Sources, frame work, and Barriers to innovation in the Coimbatore based pump and wet grinder Manufacturing Engineering Companies 2008
36 Githa S.Heggde Dr. D. Sudharani Marketing-Bi-directional relationship between channel managers and distribution channel partners and their impact on effective channel management in RMCH, mobile telephony and life insurance sectors. 2008
37 N. Vivek Dr. D. Sudharani Marketing: A study on the influence of environmental uncertainity, supply chain practices,flexibilityand competitive advantage on organizational performance 2008
38 J. Anitha Dr. R. Krishnaveni HR: Impact of professional characteristics of educators on teacher self efficacy 2008
39 B. Subramani Dr. R. Krishnaveni HR: A study on employee Loyalty towards the organization in Coimbatore based Textile Industry 2007
40 R. Nirmala Dr. R. Krishnaveni Finance: Financial culture in housing finance industry – An analytical study. 2007
41 Mr. Chinnaiyan Dr. R. Nandagopal Finance: A Study on Financing of Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurial performance 2006
42 D. Divya Prabha Dr. R. Krishnaveni Marketing:A study on corporate customer relationship management in Banking Industry 2005
43 G. L. Shankaran Dr. R. Krishnaveni Finance: Identifying discriminating Financial factors between well-run and not wel- run spinning mills in Tamilnadu 2005
44 EllanChezhiyan Dr.R. Santhanalakshmi Training Effectiveness 2001
45 R. Krishnaveni Dr.R. Santhanalakshmi Identifying factors determining success of organizations using McKinsey Model 1999
46 N. Ranganayaki Dr.M.T.Thiagarajan A study of factories influencing the job satisfaction of employees 1985
47 Surendra prasad Dr.M.T.Thiagarajan HR: Organizational Performance of Coimbatore Textile Industry – A study of Factors influencing performance. 1985
48 R. Santhanalakshmi Dr.M.T.Thiagarajan A study of factories determining the effectiveness of Executive 1985